New version

+ Removed Nekudo service, as the service is already paid.
+ Added the ability to disable desktop themes and themes (TS_PERF_DISABLE_WALLPAPER / S_PERF_DISABLE_THEMING).
+ Statistics sorter, will show how many servers are added for each group.
+ [COLOR = "Red"] Another algorithm for importing files to avoid problems with passwords with @, such as "P @@ sword", "123 @@@", etc. , the old method left only for drag and drop. [/ COLOR]
+ Updated RDP Plus, there used to be a version for NET 2.0 on some servers that was difficult to launch, now it will be for .NET 4.0.
+ Solved a problem in RDP Plus when the server was without a password.
+ Solved the problem when the field was moved when saving the list of servers without a password